New Redshift 3.0.46 best features Download

Recently Maxon announces that the immediate availability of Redshift 3.0.46! For the Redshift users. 

You get the Download link at the end of this article:

The New Redshift packs with the new Update really give u the flexibility to work. In this update Redshift mostly Focus on Colors and ACES!

Redshift 3.0.46 Now supports OpenColorIO v2 technology, enabling the artist to focus more on color accuracy and outstanding color depth potency.

Now artists can able to give their creative artwork a filmic touch by ACES and custom color Profile

What is OpenColorIO v2?

Opencolorio is also known as ocio is an open-source library for visual effects color management that provides four main capabilities. So first there’s a config file for documenting a color pipeline that is used either for a specific show or even across an entire facility. 

opencolorio also provides a loose set of user interface conventions for accessing color management from within digital content creation applications.

the ability to read many of the look-up-table or lut file formats that are used across the industry which you know makes ocio very flexible and able to fit into a lot of existing pipelines.

Lastly, pixel conversion engines for both CPU and GPU.

A Brief History: OpenColorIO

Ocio was introduced about 10 years ago by Sony Pictures Imageworks and has become an industry standard for implementing color management and visual effects and animation.

It’s already integrated into dozens of apps like Maya, Unreal Engine, Blender, Nukem Substance Painter, Vray, Cry Engine 3, Houdini, Katana, Photoshop many of which you probably use are familiar with and it’s being added to new applications regularly. 

Hundreds of films have used OpenColorIO pretty much every major motion picture with visual effects over the last uh quite a few years.

New Aces Configuration in OpenColorIO

the Aces config in the past has been very widely used and it’s been an awesome tool for studios that either doesn’t have a color scientist or you know want to have a really good starting point for Ace’s pipeline.

A new Aces config that takes advantage of the opencolorio v2 features that have some really key benefits to that actually started a new repository which is called opencolorio config aces.

Trend Influencing the New features:

  • The increasing importance of GPUs
  • Influence Of Academy ACES
  • Increasing Complexity Of color management
  • Use of OCIO in adjacent industries

Improving User Experience (UX)

  • The Aces config for example has over 300 color spaces and added new features to be able to group color spaces by category to use hierarchical menus.
  • Files & View rules
  • Application best practice

New GPU Renderer

OpenColorIO provides a flexible processing model that consists of a pipeline of mathematical operators.

In OpenColorIO v2 the GPU rendering renderer has been completely replaced with one that implements all the operators and is able to process pixels as the CPU.

Processing Improvement

  • Up to 20x faster CPU conversion
  • Direct Suppor of Integer Pixel Buffers
  • Improved Transformation Pipeline Optimization
  • Inversion 3d Luts
  • Caching to support timeline playback

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What is ACES Color space?

New Redshift 3.0.46 features Download
Image Source Wikimedia

Generally speaking, Aces is a unified color space. Let’s say you have Blackmagic, Red, Sony in one project traditionally it’s a pain in the butt to match all of them in one project especially if you have creative flow color grading.

What Aces do is bringing by default all those different cameras into a single rec.709 space.

Aces are future Standard.

Aces are Created to help you optimize your workflow.

If you ever worked on more or less big projects you know how challenging it might work with rushes from several cameras especially cameras were from different brands, what if I told you that you don’t need to spend hours and hours trying to match several shots from different cameras to make them look identical.

You can integrate CG elements into your life much faster and better, well that’s what it is that’s what Aces do unifies color space and Linear all the assets you’re using in your project which makes them significantly better behave.

Aces’ purpose is to show the image as it was seen by the camera sensor cameras.

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So You have the proper Idea How powerful Redshift 3.0.46 improves itself day by day for helping artists to work in more realistic ways. This new Redshift 3.0.46 update gives redshift a powerful Render engine that beats lots of renders in the market!


You can download the new Redshift Update From 

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