Blender 2.93 features Improved Updates

Now that you’ve finally gotten around to learning the last blender update it’s time to feel behind again because the blender 2.93 devs are faster than you

let’s get started

1. New Eevee Optimisation

Sometimes it’s hard to choose what feature to start with when an update has so many awesome new features but I’m gonna have to get the opening to the new amazing depth of field rendering in eevee the engine has been rewritten to be more accurate to give us better results and there’s a lot more control in the settings now.

Blender 2.93 features Improved Updates
Image source Blender

Most notably it handles fall off and close-ups way more accurately. Not everyone’s computer can handle cycle ray-trace rendering and it’s awesome to see eevee dishing out such amazing results.

Aside from the depth of field both ambient inclusion and volumetrics have been improved in eevee.

2. Geometry Node Improved

The geometry nodes project was expanded to build on the attribute system allowing the sampling of textures supporting volume data to improve usability and much more.

Blender 2.93 features Improved Updates
Image source Blender

A ton of new nodes have also been added mostly revolving around the attributes including proximity, sample texture, remove, convert, clamp, map range, separating combine XYZ, bounding box, collection info, points volume, volume to mesh, subdivide, string input, along with a host of new mesh primitive nodes.

3. New Attributes 

We can now utilize new attributes for mesh data such as UV layers, vertex colors, material index, face normals, shade smooth, and edge crease. A lot of these nodes are really starting to dive into the nitty-gritty elements of attributes and this will open up the door for technically-minded artists to deep dive and produce some pretty incredible systems in Blender 2.93. 

Blender 2.93 features Improved Updates
Image source Blender

4. New Spread-sheet manager

The spread-sheet editor is a new way to inspect your scene and blend file data starting with geometry and 2.93 but it will be expanded to all kinds of data in the future. 

Blender 2.93 features Improved Updates
Image source Blender

5. Default Workspace

Lastly, a default workspace has been added for geometry nodes making it simpler to get started with a layout.

6. Easy User- Interface

In the user interface, we have to render visibility toggles or now on by default in the outliner.

Several improvements have been made to contrast and the readability of the user interface.

It’s nice to see that the Blender 2.93 devs are not only delivering new features but also refining small user design issues as well that make a big difference.

7. New Line Art Modifier

The new line art modifier is now included to automatically generate stylized lines and it’s honestly just super cool. It has accurate occlusion results from any geometry intersection lines that can be generated and separated chaining allows strokes to be connected for a smooth display of grease pencil styles and textures.

Blender 2.93 features Improved Updates
Image source Blender

Vertex weights can be used to further add style

Strokes can be baked and edited like a regular grease pencil object.

8. Fill Tool in Blender 2.93

Now multi-frame support in draw mode including the fill tool as well. The fill tool has been refactored to be better all around. It’s faster has an autofill option for the outside viewport multi-frame filling stroke extension to create temporary closing strokes and other small improvements.

Blender 2.93 features Improved Updates
Image source Blender

9. Interpolate Tool

The interpolate a tool is now a tool not an operator and it’s seen several improvements. The biggest thing to note is that it just overall performs better and this is such an awesome time-saving tool for 2d animators.

Blender 2.93 features Improved Updates
Image source Blender

10. Grease Pencil Import Export

Blender 2.93 features Improved Updates
Image source Blender

You can import and export grease pencil objects in fcvg in pdf format. Export pdfs of your storyboard or svgs to edit an ink scape.

11. Small user interface improvements

Small user interface improvements as usual most notably you need to have the auto key enabled to draw edit sculpt new frames now making it easier to tweak your animation without having to be in the exact frame.

12. Taper Mode

Looking at new modeling features curves now have new taper modes, allowing for more control over your taper. These are small changes but found myself using curves quite a bit more with all these new simple additions lately Blender 2.93.

Subdivision surface has more UV smoothing options and this is great if you’re subdividing more complex characters or objects with lots of sharp corners. Previously you could get UV tearing these options also make subdivision play better with other software.

13. Mirror Mode

The mirror modifier has some new merging options which help when you’re working on smaller-scale objects in Blender 2.93.

14. Improve Edge loop

The edge loop now supports loops with three or more connected faces, which makes it easier to grab an edge loop when you’re rushing and don’t have the cleanest topology.

15. Automatic Proxy in Video Editor

Have you ever thought I hope I never have to open another piece of creative software?

Well, apparently the devs did because the video sequence editor just got even better with these new updates now that we have an automatic proxy setting, meaning that it will automatically generate a proxy to ensure playback speed.

These proxies are generated much faster and require much less storage space. 

16.Upgrade Cycles render

Cycles now has persistent data making rendering animations faster by not rebuilding the BVH on every frame unless geometry has changed. Also makes re-rendering faster as well

17.Sub-surface Reduce Noise

Subsurface scattering now uses Dwivedi guiding to reduce noise and yield better results.

18. Open image denoising

Open image denoising has been updated to1.3 and gives sharper fine details and less blurry normals.

19. Open-color upgrade

The open-color has been upgraded to 2.0 for better color accuracy in Blender 2.93.

20. Area lights

Area lights now have a spread angle to simulate the effect of a honeycomb or grid placed in front of a light-giving you more control over your soft lightning.

21. Improve Sculpting

Sculpting has new operators including the expand operator, mask operator, and face sets. 

Blender 2.93 features Improved Updates
Image source Blender

22. Minor Update in animation rigging

Animation rigging has received a small update where now armature bones can have their axises displayed anywhere, which if you’re rigging complex characters can make for an easier read when setting up your controls.

23. Advanced Motion Tracking

Motion tracking has a track averaging operator which can help return better tracking results also the cryptomat workflow in the compositor has been redesigned Blender 2.93.

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Blender 2.93 is a long-term support release receiving fixes for up to two years making it ideal for long productions and, as usual, there are hundreds of bug fixes minor features, and improvements.

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