10 best 3d Motion Designers You must follow for Inspiration

Motion Graphics Industry is booming day by day !!. The demand for the artist constantly rises from every corner of the world, because the industry wants to advertise its product more creatively than others.

3d Motion designers change the way of 2d illustration into 3d in more dynamic ways. The most dominating software that rules the 3d motion design industry is Cinema 4d, Blender. The most user-friendly interface makes the artist work fast and more efficiently.

Side Fx Houdini is also placed their mark for Advanced 3d Designers who take their creative skills to the next level.

Today I discuss the best artist 3d Motion Designers from my research, that every Motion Artist whether it 3d or 2d should definitely follow. So without wasting time let’s roll!!

1. Perry Cooper

Perry Cooper is a British 3d Motion Designer From the USA. He is one of my favorite motion designers and his artwork is amazing and attractive. Perry Cooper’s art is mostly in Cinema 4d with Octane Render. He is using Cinema 4d for almost 20 years.

Not only that Perry Cooper also has a Youtube channel where he publishes his beautiful 3d design and also makes some cool Cinema 4d tutorials where he shares his tips and techniques. You should definitely check it out !!

Perry Cooper is an active Instagram user since 2016, where e publishes his daily render, consults with another artist, getting feedback. You can get some amazing inspiration for motion design.

2. Roman Bratschi

Roman Bratschi creates a mind-blowing 3d illustrator that really inspiring. I really love his incredible abstract shapes, pattern and Organic looks so natural. He is from Zurich, Switzerland. He is an experienced 3D Illustrator and animator director and working over 15 years in this creative world. 

He is always experimenting with new software and exercises new creative skills for top Romance work with prestigious clients like Apple, Spotify, Samsung Ray-Ban, and many more.

You can also follow his artwork on Instagram

3. Omar Aqil

Omar Aqil is 3d illustration artist from Lahore, Pakistan. He works with many World reputed Industries like Apple, Adobe, Nike, Google, Microsoft, IBM, The New York Times, and many more.

Aqil’s work is very unique and he plays with the random 3d shapes and brings them all together into beautiful artwork. 

Recently made human face with the different random object that really inspires me and you should definitely check this profile to get some outstanding inspiration for your motion design.

You can also follow his artwork on Instagram and Dribble where you can follow for inspiration.

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4. Roman Klčo

Roman Klco is very popular in the blender Industry. He creates a beautiful isometric 3D model that really an eye-catching 3D concept. His art based on games movies concept that shows on a small 3D cube and very much detailed work.

Not only that he has his own YouTube channel name polygon Runway very teeth and amazing 3D artwork and an isometric 3D model that really helps you to build some amazing 3D concept art.

5. Bihhel Gabriel

Bihhel is an art director and 3d artist from Brazil. With over 10 years of experience, he works with Nissan, 88 Queen, and many more.

Bihhel most use software like Cinema4d, Redshift, X-particle. His work really an inspiring piece of art because of the natural organic feel. Bihhel also plays with 3d particle effect the really abstract. So definitely follow Bihhel on Instagram, Behance for inspiration!! 

6. Peter Tarka 

Peter Tarka is 3d illustrator and art director from London. His represent his hart work with bold shapes and sober color that feel natural for the viewers. Peter’s work is really mesmerizing and I follow him daily.

Peter works with so many industries and earns the most reputed position. He worked with Apple, Samsung, Cadbury, LG, Electronic Arts, Audi, Nike, and the lists go on !!

Not only that, Peter receive awards in

  • ADC Finalists
  • Silver CannesLions – Art Direction & Design
  • Silver KTR- Illustrations

Those who started their career in motion Design should definitely check his artwork for Visual Inspiration.

7. Dante Metaphor

Dante Metaphor creates some brilliant concept art, Procedural modeling, Motion graphics, VFX, and many more. Dante is a self-taught digital artist from Kenya, his work truly defines his creativity.

Dante must use Houdini, 3ds Max, Blender, Zbrush, Redshift for render.

I really love his work and I recommend that you should definitely follow Behance, Instagram for inspiration.

10 best 3d Motion Designers You must follow for Inspiration
Image source Behance

8. Vladimir Petkovic

Vladimir Petkovic produces 3d concept art design and working as a Creative Director at Adobe.

Vladimir is from Serbian, working in San Francisco. His work truly a unique piece of art, and most of his art is based on the Frictional universe, Steampunk, cyberpunk.
Definitely check his Profile on Instagram and Behance

9. Anna Natter

Anna Natter is 3d Illustrator and animator from Hungary working in the Czech Republic. Her work is really inspiring and beautiful. You can experience different pieces of Unique artwork that look really amazing for inspiration. I definitely recommend checking Anna Work on Behance, Instagram, Dribble.

10. Ryogo Toyoda

Ryogo Toyoda is 3d Illustrator from Tokyo, Japan. His every work has something meaning behind it. There so much detailed work and beautiful 3d miniature present in his work. 

Ryogo work with Apple, Microsoft, Sony Music, Maxon, Warner Bros Movie world

So definitely check his profile on Behance, Instagram, Dribble

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Conclusion for 3D motion designers

I hope you get some inspiration from 3D motion designers by reading this article. By seeing all this beautiful work that discuss in this article have some ideas in your mind that you will definitely try out. 

So who’s your favorite motion designer definitely let me know in the comments !!!

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